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Anisos Affiliate Programs


Elevate Your Network. Amplify Your Influence.

In the realm of high-stakes investment, the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary is drawn not by the opportunities you seize but by the echelons you frequent and the experiences you provide. The Anisos Affiliate Programs are crafted for the discerning professional who navigates beyond the mere management of wealth to architect enduring legacies.

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Command Up to 5% Commission


A Lucrative Commission Structure Tailored for the Elite

Our refined commission model is meticulously designed to acknowledge and amplify your contributions. With a transparent, tiered framework, witness your financial rewards ascend as you broaden your clients' horizons and your own. Relish the fulfillment that comes from your clients' successes mirrored in your tangible rewards.

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Sustained Profit Sharing for Sustained Success

Venture beyond the initial commissions and immerse yourself in the benefits of ongoing profit sharing. Harmonized with the enduring success of the investments you champion, this scheme promises a perpetual stream of rewards, celebrating your dedication and growth. This elegantly structured compensation model ensures that the more value you bring, the more you are rewarded, in true reflection of your contributions. Step into a realm where your success is not merely acknowledged—it's exalted.

Who Are We Seeking?

Anisos Affiliate Programs are exclusively designed for:

Private Bankers

Open the gates to unmatched investment opportunities for your discerning clientele.

Wealth Managers

Augment your portfolio with robust, high-yield investments that stand the test of time.

High-End Professional

Elevate your service by offering your high-net-worth clients unparalleled value and opportunities.

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Exclusive Circle


Investment Meets Innovation

With Anisos, your clients' investments transcend growth—they flourish. Qualify for the Hong Kong's Capital Investment Entrant Scheme or EU Citizenship, providing a seamless avenue to wealth multiplication, ensuring investments are not merely secure but are exponentially fruitful.

Redefine Access

Transcend the ordinary with your clients and delve into the extraordinary. Avail owner's rates on the world's most coveted super yachts, private jets, helicopters, and supercars. These are not merely modes of transport; they are emblems of prestige and prowess.

Anisos Accelerator Programme

Gain exclusive entry to the Anisos Accelerator Programme. This is more than a network; it's a portal to the zenith of luxury and connection. Engage with the affluent, immerse in the Anisos ecosystem, and elevate your professional stature to new heights.

Exclusive Events and Memberships

Become part of a select circle where every event is a gateway and every assembly is a council of visionaries. Secure access to prestigious private members' clubs, where the essence of exclusivity meets the pinnacle of luxury.

Embark on a journey where your expertise converges with our unparalleled ecosystem. Join the Anisos Affiliate Programs and redefine leadership in the elite financial and investment sphere.

With Anisos, you're not just joining the elite; you're defining it.

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