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Our Mission

At Anisos Group, our mission is to redefine the landscape of alternative investments by integrating sustainability and innovation into the core of our business practices. We aim to offer our investors not just returns, but a future where their investments contribute to the global movement towards sustainable aviation and economic resilience.

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Investing with Purpose: Driving Sustainability and Innovation in Aviation


Team & Expertise

Our team is the cornerstone of our success, comprising seasoned professionals from the fields of aviation, finance, and technology. Each member brings a wealth of experience, ensuring that our investments are not only secure but are also strategically positioned to capitalize on the dynamics of the global aviation market. From identifying high-potential aircraft for acquisition to expertly managing leases, our team works tirelessly to make aircraft leasing both accessible and profitable for our investors.

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We prioritize top-tier aircraft leasing and investment strategies, emphasizing the selection of most in-demand aircraft to meet the specific requirements of our worldwide clientele. Central to our approach is a rigorous asset selection process. Our experienced team utilizes deep industry knowledge and a broad network of customers to identify aircraft types integral to the long-term fleet plans of each airline partners.

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Deep Industry Expertise

Anisos harnesses decades of aviation finance expertise to transform investments with strategic insight. We go beyond managing to amplifying investments, aligning them with market trends for optimal investor success.

Strategic Market Opportunities

Anisos excels in pinpointing and leveraging unique opportunities in distressed assets, strategically moving them to high-demand areas for substantial value uplift. This method transforms underperforming aircraft into profitable ventures, ensuring significant investor returns quickly, typically within 2-3 years.

Flexible Investment Structures

Anisos skillfully maneuvers through financial strategies like M&A, IPOs, and secondary markets, offering flexible investment terms without long lock-up periods. This ensures investors can easily modify their Anisos holdings, adapting swiftly to market shifts and managing risk efficiently.

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Strategic Sourcing of Aircraft

Our approach to sourcing aircraft is defined by precision and insight. We meticulously evaluate and select aircraft that not only meet the current demands of the global aviation market but are also positioned to remain vital assets in the future. This strategy is bolstered by our collaboration with PwC Legal (Tiang & Partners), who bring their expertise to aid in sourcing aircraft. With access to PwC's extensive global network and the handling partner's two decades of experience, we are uniquely positioned to identify the best opportunities in the market. By investing in both narrow and wide-body aircraft, we ensure a diversified portfolio that caters to the varying needs of our airline partners, from short-haul to long-haul operations, enhancing our market adaptability and resilience.

Rigorous Lease Management

At the core of our lease management is a customer-centric philosophy, underpinned by partnerships with world-leading lessors. We deeply understand the unique fleet requirements and strategic goals of each airline partner, thanks to our extensive network. This synergy enables us to tailor our lease agreements to provide stable and predictable returns while fostering strong, enduring relationships with lessees. Our proactive and detail-oriented management approach, executed in collaboration with top-tier lessors, ensures the optimal utilization of each asset. By aligning our investments with the specific operational and strategic needs of our partners, we guarantee sustained mutual success.

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Risk Mitigation and Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability and risk mitigation is manifest in our focus on newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. By investing in the latest technology, we ensure our fleet is at the forefront of efficiency and environmental responsibility, reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing the operational efficiency of our partners. This emphasis on modern, sustainable aircraft, coupled with a strategic mix of asset types, underpins our ability to navigate market dynamics, mitigate sector-specific risks, and deliver sustainable returns to our investors. Our rigorous risk management practices, supported by advanced financial models and analytical tools, further secure the stability and growth of our portfolio.

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Investment entails inherent risks. Historical performance does not guarantee future results. The value of investments and the income derived from them may fluctuate, and there is a possibility that you may not recover your initial investment. For comprehensive details, including risk factors, kindly refer to the offering documents. It is imperative that you thoroughly comprehend the risks associated with the investment and carefully assess your individual investment objectives and risk tolerance level. In case of uncertainty, it is advisable to seek independent financial professional advice.



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