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Revolutionizing Aviation Investment: World's First Tokenized Aircraft Leasing Fund Launched by Anisos Capital and Evident Limited

Hong Kong - 5th February, 2024 – In a groundbreaking move, Anisos Capital Group and Evident Limited have joined forces to create the world's first tokenized fund in the aviation sector. This collaboration marks a significant step towards tokenization of US$3 billion in securities, transforming the landscape of alternative asset investments by providing flexible and efficient access to this asset class for more investors in a regulated setup.

This innovative partnership will tokenize assets in the aviation industry, with a focus on commercial passenger and cargo aircraft leasing. In this first-of-its-kind initiative globally, the limited partnership fund aims to deploy substantial capital in acquiring aviation assets, offering an unprecedented opportunity for investors to directly tap into the lucrative commercial aircraft leasing market with enhanced liquidity and flexibility.

"We're not just tokenizing assets; we're redefining investment in the aviation industry and set out to revolutionize the world of aviation finance.," said Steven Dominique Cheung, CEO of Anisos Capital Group. "This is a unique opportunity for eligible investors to participate in a traditionally exclusive market with a high potential for attractive returns for as little as 1500 USD."

The fund is designed to provide investors with robust risk management strategies, regulatory compliance, and commitment to corporate governance, aiming to provide a low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity. Furthermore, the fund's transparent and regulated nature enhances its appeal to investors seeking security in their investments.

"With our licensed, blockchain-powered platform, EVIDENT aims to be at the forefront of the industry's inevitable digital transformation. Our vision is to redefine the infrastructure for managing and distributing alternative assets, focusing on efficiency, transparency, and accessibility,” added Dr Florian Spiegl, Founder & CEO of Evident Group. "This partnership with Anisos Capital Group exemplifies our shared commitment to modernizing investment practices while prioritizing investor protection within a regulated framework. It is a concrete step in moving from conceptual stages in asset tokenization to impactful real-world projects. "

This initiative opens up new avenues for investors, offering flexibility through various exit strategies, including trading on secondary markets in the future. The Anisos-Evident partnership is poised to set a new standard in asset management and investment in the aviation sector, marking a paradigm shift in how aviation assets are financed and managed.

The partnership leverages EVIDENT's technological prowess to create a platform where illiquid assets are tokenized, turning them into liquid assets. This initiative not only broadens investment horizons, removes lengthy commitment periods, but also democratizes access to alternative asset classes, traditionally reserved for large institutional investors.


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