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Welcome Strategic Opportunities: Hong Kong’s New Aircraft Leasing Law Enhances Prospects for Anisos Capital Group Investors

Anisos Capital Group is pleased to announce significant developments in Hong Kong that stand to benefit our investors and partners, particularly within the Anisos Limited Partnership Fund, focused on aircraft leasing. The recent enactment of the "Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Aircraft Leasing Tax Concessions) Bill 2023" introduces a favorable shift in the regulatory and tax landscape for aircraft leasing in Hong Kong, a pivotal hub in the aviation industry.

Enhancing Hong Kong's Competitiveness

The new law outlines strategic enhancements aimed at boosting Hong Kong’s position as a global center for aircraft leasing. Key measures include:

  1. Tax deductions for expenses incurred in acquiring aircraft, making operations more cost-effective.

  2. Broadening the scope of aircraft leasing tax regimes to include wet leases and finance lease agreements, without the previous one-year minimum lease term requirement.

  3. A broader definition of "aircraft leasing activities" that accommodates leases to operators beyond traditional airline companies.

  4. Allowances for interest deductions on aircraft purchase loans from non-financial institutions outside Hong Kong.

  5. Specific thresholds for aircraft lessors and lease managers to align with OECD standards.

These initiatives are expected to attract more global leasing companies to establish their operations in Hong Kong. The new law aims to facilitate approximately 3,100 aircraft leases over the next 20 years, directly creating over 1,000 jobs and indirectly influencing around 20,000 more due to multiplier effects. The projected increase in Hong Kong’s GDP over this period is an impressive HKD 400 billion, bolstering its long-term economic health and solidifying its status as an international aviation hub.


Implications for Anisos Capital Group and Its Investors

For investors in the Anisos Limited Partnership Fund, these regulatory changes present several advantages:

  • Increased Market Opportunities: The expansion of the legal and tax framework makes Hong Kong an even more attractive location for aircraft leasing, increasing the potential for higher returns on investment.

  • Cost Efficiency: The ability to deduct significant operational expenses will lead to improved profitability and operational efficiencies for our leased aircraft portfolios.

  • Strategic Expansion: The easing of restrictions and broader definitions within the law allows for greater flexibility in leasing arrangements, enabling Anisos Capital Group to innovate and expand our offerings.

  • Global Positioning: Aligning with international standards enhances our credibility and attractiveness as a partner for global investors looking to capitalize on the aviation leasing industry.


A Call to Action for Potential Investors

The "Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Aircraft Leasing Tax Concessions) Bill 2023" not only solidifies Hong Kong’s role in the global aviation industry but also underscores the strategic foresight of Anisos Capital Group’s investment in this sector. We invite current and prospective investors to explore how this enhanced regulatory environment can benefit your portfolio. Join us as we leverage these new opportunities to drive growth and profitability.

We believe that this legislative change is a testament to Hong Kong’s commitment to maintaining its competitive edge and a signal to the global investment community of its welcoming stance towards innovation and business growth. To learn more about how you can benefit from this opportunity through Anisos Capital Group, visit our website or contact our investment team.

Together, let’s soar to new heights in aviation investment.


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